Lisa recently completed over 14 pages of translations for our company, myskillcamp. These translations were delivered very quickly and in a couple different formats to make it easy for a non-Dutch speaker to understand. The translations themselves were perfect and are currently being used by the company. I’ll definitely ask Lisa to do translations again.

– Alicja, myskillcamp

Share your mission with the world

Sharing knowledge is why you exist. You’re passionate about making education and culture accessible to all. Now you can share your knowledge multilingually, too.


As a translator, I am of course happy to help you with your translations. I translate from French and English into (Belgian) Dutch. For other languages, I work just like a translation agency. I specialise in marketing and legal texts for the education, tourism and cultural industries.

SEO translation and keyword analysis*

Want to appear at the top of Google’s search results? I’m the woman for the job! I’m passionate about SEO and offer SEO optimisation for websites and articles. I research keywords, optimise translations, localise links, write meta text, and any other details you need.

Revision, proofreading and editing

Looking for a language specialist to review your texts? Want to update a blog post and optimise it for Google? Or have you received a translation from another provider but you’re not sure of the quality? I’m here to help.

Zone in on the Flemish market

Did you know that the Dutch spoken in the Netherlands is different to that used in Belgium? For the best results, I recommend connecting with your local audience. I localise texts written for the Dutch market into content aimed at a Flemish-speaking audience.



Are you looking to offer a multilingual course? Have you developed a brilliant new brochure to showcase what you offer? Or have you crafted a proposal aimed at international collaborations? As both a translator and teacher, I know just how to adapt these texts to perfectly connect with your target audience.

Tourism and culture


Organising an event, highlighting a trip or promoting a new page on your website? Let’s work together and get your clients dreaming of their next getaway.

*I only optimise websites and articles for Google if the source text is already optimised. If this isn’t the case, I recommend editing and optimising your text thoroughly before you move on to translation.


Ultra specialised. Ultra focused.

I specialise in just three sectors – education, tourism and culture. That’s because working on just these areas means I can really do justice to the projects I work on. It also means you get a translation that does exactly what you need.

That sinking feeling you get when someone delivers a translation full of mistakes? You can rest easy that this won’t happen when you work with me.

Within these three sectors, I translate a wide variety of creative and corporate documentation. This includes websites, brochures, product presentations, newsletters, blogs, catalogues, contracts, meeting minutes, training courses, software, e-learning simulations and exercises, and much more.

Want to work with a freelancer or a translation agency? You choose!

I’m a strong advocate of the native language principle, i.e. translators should only translate into their native language. This means I only translate from English and French into Dutch (as spoken in Belgium). Having said that, I understand that there are times when companies need material translating into several languages. To cater for this, I offer an à la carte solution, where you choose what you need.


You like to be in touch with the translator working on your texts so that you can discuss any questions or issues directly.

The detail

If you’re keen to stay in control, let’s discuss your translation and proofreading needs for English and French into Belgian-Dutch. Looking for translation into another language? I’ll put you in touch with a colleague specialised in your subject area, so that you can speak to them directly and start working together.


  • Speak straight to the translator.
  • Share any instructions or requirements directly, without an intermediary.
  • Immediately raise any questions or issues with the translator.


If you need your text to be translated into a wide range of languages, it can be tricky to manage everyone involved in this kind of project and to stay on top of communication. There’s a great deal of back-and-forth required to keep your project running smoothly.

Project Manager

You need to translate your text into several languages, but you’d prefer not to project manage this yourself. You need someone you can trust to take care of everything for you.

The detail

If you want to avoid sending hundreds of emails, I’ll be happy to take over the project management of your work. I’ll ask you about your goals and then put together a team to make it happen. I make sure everyone is properly briefed, gets the support they need and I’ll take care of the entire project, right through from A to Z. What’s your role in all of this? To be available for questions. Oh, and to enjoy all that extra time you’ve freed up!


  • Work with a single point of contact who is familiar with the market
  • Avoid having to contact dozens of translators and save yourself from hundreds of emails.
  • Enjoy more time for other projects.


You’re working with an intermediary so you won’t be in direct contact with your translators. Communication can sometimes be more convoluted and things can take more time.

“Lisa does exactly what she says – adapts her language to the target audience. She invariably delivers great translations that deliver in terms of both content and language and which are a delight to read.”

– Herman Boel

LIsa Artois

Lisa Artois

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m the translator (and teacher!) here at Artois Translations. Since 2017, I’ve been putting my passion for language and education to good use by working with companies who want to make educational opportunities, tourism texts and cultural gems more accessible.

I work hard to keep budding translators informed about the latest news in the translation profession and the realities of life as a freelancer. I share my experiences on my Translation Ambitions blog (in Dutch) and regularly guest lecture at the University of Ghent, Leuven and Antwerp.

Want to find out more about me? Follow me on LinkedIn and make sure you send me a message.


2017 – MA in Translation
2017 – A 2017 update on translation in the travel and tourism industry
2018 – Teacher Training
2018 – Legal translation specialisation
2019 – SEO for translators
2022 – Expert in SEO & SEA localisation and content creation

Let’s work together

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